When you walk through the double doors to the office, the first thing you will notice is that the office has an open airy feel to it.  You are greeted by the self check in computer, and on the other side of the half walls are the two adjusting bays.    


On each visit you will be asked to perform warm up exercises in the waiting area.  The exercises loosen the musculature around your spine so that the bones of your spine can move more easily while being adjusted.  This allows the doctor to use less force, making your adjustment more comfortable and more effective!

When it is your turn to get adjusted, lay down on the adjusting table and relax while Dr. Nichols evaluates your spine and adjusts as necessary.

If you are pregnant, we have accommodations for you so that adjustments can be performed safely and comfortably.  The pregnancy cushion is so comfortable that we get asked if mothers-to-be can borrow it all the time!

If you have your kids with you, there is a kids play area adjacent to the adjusting table so that we can keep an eye on them while you get adjusted.

Kids have spines too and benefit just as much as adults from chiropractic adjustments!

For those needing to clean themselves up, or their children, there is a spacious clean bathroom with changing table.