This was my first foray into the realm of chiropractic care when I started with Dr. Nichols in February. Trepidation? YES!  Doubt that this would help with my various concerns? YES!  In the initial visit, he did a very good job of putting me at ease as well as explaining his findings and recommendations. So here goes the most important thing--Two months later how do I feel?  I no longer have constant numbness in my fingers, neck pain has decreased tremendously and sciatica pain (which flared up recently) is now under control.   It was not just about spinal checkups and adjustments for me but the tools to maintain that Dr. David gives me during each session that I appreciate more than anything. Taking the time to answer or find the answers to my questions is so refreshing. So, I go into my third month of chiropractic care feeling better than I have in a LONG time thanks to expertise of a great chiropractor. Thanks Dr. Nichols!!


Yolanda C.


I forgot to thank you today and tell you that while running the half, I had no hip pain or leg pain or foot pain during the entire race!  My bones felt so good and everything just seemed to work like it was meant to :)  It really has been years since I felt so good running.  So thank you for helping me to get there!! 


Kim P.


I have been in the military for a decade, and have often told my wife I wished I had a good chiropractor. Then one day she came home and told me she found one. I had tried a few other chiros, but none have been as effective for my treatment as Dr. David. Always top service, friendly and personal, and most importantly, effective. I recently hurt my lower back and was having an incredible amount of pain in my leg. After adjustments with the good doctor, my pain has ceased to exist in less than a week. As an added bonus his location is convenient with front door parking most of the time which is great when I'm in a hurry.

Dominick T.


Amazing service and although I have been to many (many) chiropractors over the past 25 years, I can say this is the first one to explain what he was doing and exactly why. I feel like a partner, involved in my own care, instead of just being told what to do. I'm experiencing pain-free days for the first time in over a year! Love this office!

Jennifer B.


We have been seeing Dr.David for a few months as a family. We have a two-year-old that often times would cry when mom or dad got adjusted because she was only going in every once in a while with us. Dr. David has made it affordable for us to go as an entire family weekly and we have witnessed our daughter becoming more and more comfortable with visits. She doesn't cry at all now and she loves visiting him! She does great with adjustments and he is so patient with her and isn't pushy about how we do adjustments. A lot of kids will get adjusted on the table, but my daughter hasn't been ready for that step yet so he lets me hold her while she gets adjusted. He makes her feel safe and she now will often hug Dr. David or give him high fives. We're no longer anxious to see how she'll act in his office. Thank you Dr. David for being so patient and kind to our family. 

Erin, Tim and Amelia Z.


We moved to the Fuquay area this past summer from Miami where we had just started Chiropractic care a few months prior. On the recommendation of our Chiro in south Florida we chose to try out Dr. Nichols office. We have a very shy toddler who takes awhile to warm up and an infant who needs a weekly adjustment to be his happiest self. On top of this my husband and I have never invested in our health in this way and I have to say its one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. His hours lend a lot of flexibility with our kids nap schedules and our work life. His family plan is truly the best I’ve ever seen allowing us to really benefit from weekly adjustments and overall the environment he provides has made our family feel right at home (even our VERY reserved toddler). In addition he offers a military discount as he truly appreciates the men and women who serve which is the cherry on top for us. Within just a few months we have seen huge improvements in our families mobility and speaking for myself (who picks up babies all day) I am so grateful to have relief in my lower and middle back post partum. If you are looking for someone to really care for your whole family Dr. Nichols is (in my opinion) the only choice in Fuquay.

Kathleen, Dean, Blair, and Teddy B.


My new "HERO". I have previously been to another chiropractor in the area and paid (big) money. I went there about a month with NO results. I went to see Dr. David and in my very first visit felt like a new person. I have been battling migraines since I was a teenager but now as I am aging they have been debilitating also having neck and back issues as well. I have been praying God would help me find relief. I found Dr. David and the rest is history. You know right away that he is in the business to make people better not to rob your wallet. I highly recommend him.

April P.